CDLD progress

1. District wise share distribution under CDLD

The PFC formula in vogue is adopted for apportioning CDLD grant funds among the districts. The formula has the following variables and weightings for working out the shares: Population (60%), backwardness based on Multi Indicators Cluster Survey (20%) and lag in infrastructure (20%). Annually, about 15% budget will be allocated for women specific projects in a district.

2. Shares of village and neighbourhood councils from CDLD funds

For working out the shares of individual village and neighbourhood councils in the target districts, population is the sole criterion as determined under the 1998 census, or the latest one if available, and as contained within the geographical limits of the officially published delimitation areas under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Act 2013.
Shares of village and neighbourhood councils from CDLD funds

3. Eligibility criteria for community based organisations under CDLD

All the CBOs which are membership based are eligible to access funds for community projects. Statistically it means that 70 percent of the beneficiaries of the project must be members of the organisation representing all households in the village. The CBOs must also provide:

  • List of households with a written declaration of their willingness to be part of the organisation.
  • Registration with a government agency or any other organisation mandated to do so.

Parent Teacher Associations, Citizen Community Boards, Water User Associations and Farmer Cooperatives (which are registered with the relevant authority) can also apply for CDLD projects but they can do so only as part of CBOs where majority of the members support them.

4. Types and sectors for community projects

The programme aims for public investment in service delivery and community infrastructure (rehabilitation, expansion and maintenance). The entire mandate (all the devolved sectors, plus Irrigation) of the district governments under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Local Government Act 2013 that has a direct interface with service delivery and is appropriate for execution by the CBOs, is eligible for financing under the CDLD Policy as given in the table below:

Health Social welfare Education
Sports & culture Agriculture extension Livestock
Soil conservation and soil fertility Fisheries Water management
Social and farm forestry Rural development and rural works District roads and buildings
Population welfare Community development Public health engineering

5. Allowable costs and timelines for CDLD projects

Shares of village and neighbourhood councils from CDLD funds

The minimum cost of a project for consideration under the CDLD Policy is PKR 500,000. The maximum cost of project can be PKR 2.5 million or the maximum share of the village council for that year whichever is lower. Maximum period for completion of a project under the CDLD cannot exceed 18 months. In exceptional cases, if a project falls outside the maximum limits in terms of cost and/or duration, the DDC may refer such a community project to the PCRC with its recommendations.

Progress Table
CycleNumber of proposals
to be approved
Number of
applications received
Number of applications
sent to SRSP
Number of
approved proposals
TOTAL FY2014-15 1,650 10,160 1,916 392
 1st Cycle of Calls for Proposals
Total 550 3,587 1,022 364
 2nd Cycle of Calls for Proposals
Total 550 3,025 894 28
 3rd Cycle of Calls for Proposals
Total 550 3,548 - -
4th Cycle of Calls for Proposals
Total In the process of Advertisement